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Client Testimonials

Thank you all for the amazing work and contributions each one of you brought to MCA in 2015! Through your help and guidance we have increased our odds of success many times over and brought a level of professionalism and critical thinking forward that we would not have had otherwise.

Chair, Multicultural Coalition on Aging


“Please know that you sent to us three of the most professional and wonderful people we could have ever asked for — beyond our expectations! The Strategic Plan they produced was excellent — honest, thorough, practical and most useful. We have already started to apply their recommendations.

“Thank you, again, Anne, for setting up this professional team for us.”


Golf for All

“What separates SoarMCG from other consulting firms I have worked with is their diligence and care in trying to really understand our organization and its needs. As a small, entrepreneurial non-profit, we have a personality, style, and culture that drives our work. SoarMCG was deeply interested in understanding that culture and organizing a team of consultants to fit both our needs and style. And they checked in with us frequently for honest feedback on how the process was going. The outcomes from our engagement exceeded our expectations because of this sensitive and comprehensive approach.”


Board Chair, Tremont School

“The team exceeded my expectations. Each member brought different perspectives and  opinions to the table — finance, management and fundraising — which were great skills for this project. It was a great roadmap, with explicit recommendations and enlightening timetables. We have already begun implementing them and expect to see all of them actualized — in fact we are launching a fundraising campaign next month. I was so very impressed with the team, what they brought to the table and how they communicated and worked with us. I couldn’t have asked for more! We would absolutely recommend Soar consulting services to other non‑profits.”


Executive Director, Natick Service Council

“The team was amazing! The team members were great, and had different skills and communication styles. One had deep knowledge of schools, and two were great at analyzing and simplifying the challenges, which helped me communicate with others in the system. They helped us move toward real problem solving. Based on the team’s work and recommendations, we have created an interdepartmental team to evaluate options. We should have a proposal for the school committee in three months and have already rolled out pilot programs in two locations. We are so happy and grateful. We would definitely use SOAR 55 in the future.”


Director of Community Resource Development, Framingham Public Schools

“In 2009, the Roxbury Weston Preschool faced significant issues: low enrollment, meager donations, little visibility in the community, no social media presence and outdated marketing tools. Our net assets were valued at $9,610 and declining. The education experience was still solid at the preschool but our clients and families were slowly dwindling. With a degree in education, no money, and no management or marketing experience, I knew I had to turn things around quickly. I heard of Soar’s management consulting group through a friend at Harvard University.

“Jack and Jud worked patiently and tirelessly, conducting intensive research and interviews and examining the current environment, our marketing program and our fundraising processes. Implementation of the team’s recommendations, assisted by the engagement of the Board of Directors, increased enrollment from 22 in 2012 to 35 in 2014, an increase of 59% in two years.”


Director, Roxbury / Weston Preschool Programs