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SoarMCG Clients

Soar Management Consulting Group Clients

Why choose Soar Management Consulting Group consultant services to help your nonprofit?

  • Soar Management Consulting Group consultants offer expertise honed by years of experience in demanding management careers in business, academia, government and non-profits.
  • Soar Management Consulting Group consultants have experience working collaboratively with Boston area nonprofits on strategic plans, business plans, board development, marketing plans, organizational assessment and planning, policies and procedures, strategic plans, volunteer recruitment and management and other projects.
  • Soar Management Consulting Group builds outcome definition and measurement into its consulting practices and engagement methodology. We believe in ‘helping nonprofits thrive’ and, therefore, we believe in being accountable for our work.
  • Soar Management Consulting Group consultants have the available time and flexibility to devote to a project, ensuring a thorough, thoughtful, and time-efficient engagement.

Responsive to the needs of Greater Boston’s nonprofits, Soar Management Consulting Group accepts clients on a rolling application basis so that we are ready to help when you need us. And, Soar Management Consulting Group offers our services on a pro bono basis.

What qualifies a nonprofit for Soar Management Consulting Group consulting services?

Soar Management Consulting Group considers the mission and leadership commitment by the Staff and Board of Directors of an organization to be paramount in qualifying for a consulting project rather than the organization’s size or financial position.

What is the application process?

A prospective client completes our online Request for Services (RFS) form. Soar Management Consulting Group then contacts the applicant to schedule a 30-minute telephone interview with one of our senior staff. If the telephone interview indicates that there is a good match between the applicant’s needs and our capabilities, Soar Management Consulting Group will arrange an in-person meeting at the applicant’s place of business.

A Soar Management Consulting Group Project Coach and one or more of our consultants will attend the meeting with the objective of ensuring that we have a solid understanding of the applicant’s needs and commitment to a consulting initiative and to ensure that Soar Management Consulting Group can position the resources and expertise to respond effectively and meet those needs. Soar Management Consulting Group then asks the applicant to review and sign a copy of our Consulting Engagement Guidelines (which outline our project management approach and thoughts on “Best Practices”) to indicate the applicant's intent to begin a consulting project with Soar Management Consulting Group.

How is the project managed?

Soar Management Consulting Group assigns a Project Coach and identifies a Project Team with one member who serves as the liaison between the team and the client – the “Team Project Coordinator” or TPC. The Project Team meets with the client to mutually define and agree upon the project’s scope, work products, and desired outcomes. This understanding is formalized in a Consulting Agreement. A project Work Plan - outlining the principle activities, work product delivery dates, and overall project timeframe – is also mutually developed and attached to the Consulting Agreement at this time.

In our approach, the Project Team represents Soar Management Consulting Group and is the continuing and regular connection for the client within our program during the consulting project. The assigned Project Coach, however, also has a key role. The Project Team stays in regular communication with the coach who, in addition to reviewing key documentation and work product(s), serves as resource to the Project Team providing advice and assistance as needed. The Project Coach is also available to the client at any time upon request and will check-in with the client periodically.

The project is closed with the conduct of a post-project evaluation and a 12-month follow-up.