Why choose SoarMCG consultant services to help your nonprofit?

Skills and experience of the consultants…

Ninety-five percent of the SoarMCG consultants have advanced degrees in a business/management related field.  Soar consultants offer expertise honed by years of experience in demanding management careers in business, academia, government and non-profits. Once accepted into the program, all SoarMCG consultants are required to participate in a demanding 62-hour training in nonprofit operations and culture, strategic, business and marketing plans, needs assessments, financial systems, team building and report writing before their first assignment.

When your organization needs assistance…

  • SoarMCG accepts clients on a rolling application basis so that we are ready to help when you need us
  • SoarMCG consultants have the available time and flexibility to devote to a project, ensuring a thorough, thoughtful, and time-efficient engagement
  • SoarMCG consultants have a commitment to helping clients implement the consulting team’s recommendations including providing evaluation tools

What qualifies a nonprofit for SoarMCG consulting services?...

SoarMCG considers the mission and leadership commitment of an organization to be paramount in qualifying for a consulting project rather than the organization’s size (number of staff or budget).  The first step is to complete the project application form.

SoarMCG collaborates with the potential client’s volunteers and staff to refine the goals of the consult initially through discussion with a Project Coach and then with the Consulting Team, typically three consultants, who develops a plan to achieve the project objectives.

What is the application process?

The prospective client completes and submits a Request for Service Form or requests a meeting with one of our Project Coaches who will assist in translating your organizational challenges into a specific project.

How is the project managed?

  • SoarMCG identifies a Consultant Team and Project Coordinator (a team member) who will serve as the liaison between the Consulting Team and the Client. The Project Coordinator is responsible for maintaining high standards throughout the assignment.
  • The Project Team meets with the client to define the nature and scope of the project and to complete Contract for signature by each party (SoarMCG and the client).
  • The Client designates a member of their management team to serve as their Project Liaison/Coordinator. The Project Liaison facilitates access to the Client, its staff and others associated with the organization, provides necessary data/information about the Client, responds to inquiries from the Soar Team, and provides and manages logistical arrangements.
  • At the conclusion of the assignment, the Project Coach meets with the Client to review the project and to complete a short assessment.
  • The Client is required to complete a six-month and annual outcome evaluation report.

 What separates Soar from other consulting firms I have worked with is their diligence and care in trying to really understand our organization and its needs.  As a small, entrepreneurial non-profit we have a personality, style, and culture that drives our work.  Soar was deeply interested in understanding that culture and organizing a team of consultants to fit both our needs and style.  And they checked in with us frequently for honest feedback on how the process was going.  The outcomes from our engagement exceeded our expectations because of this sensitive and comprehensive approach.

                                                                        David Vaughn
Board Chair
Tremont School