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Recent Projects

Ten years ago, MMB was an idea that formed in the living room of founder and current Executive Director Naomi Bar Yam with a group of colleagues. Following three SoarMCG consulting projects, the organization, whose mission is to provide life-saving human milk to babies in fragile health, has grown exponentially, serving hundreds of infants throughout eastern New England.

This long-standing integrated program brings families together in a learning community dedicated to the celebration of diversity and excellence in childcare and early education. When Roxbury Weston Programs, Inc. contacted SoarMCG, they were experiencing some significant fiscal issues based on decreasing enrollment. The consultant team provided recommendations that resulted in a 59% increase in enrollment. Our last report from the organization indicates that the program is thriving.

The Alliance is refurbishing the historic Nathaniel Allen House in Newton to become the center for cultural programming and activities in Newton.  Recently, because of SoarMCG's consulting efforts in creating a business plan, the center received a critical grant that will help them move forward with their goals.