SoarMCG Volunteer Consultants

SoarMCG Volunteer Consultants

The benefits of being a SoarMCG consultant

  • Support nonprofits that enrich our Greater Boston communities
  • Utilize work experience productively with time flexibility
  • Network with others who share your commitment
  • Ongoing training and support

SoarMCG provides the opportunity for individuals to join a group of executive leaders who enjoy working as part of a team committed to generating ideas to help solve organizational problem. Volunteer Consultants use their professional skills to make an important difference in communities throughout the Greater Boston area and connect with others in purposeful work.

SoarMCG consultant teams are assigned to participate in a minimum of two consulting projects following training. SoarMCG Consultant Teams are assigned to management projects generally lasting 6-9 months, spending approximately 20 hours monthly while on assignment. Hours are flexible and consultants are able to take breaks between assignments.

Consultants work in teams of 3 under the guidance of an experienced Project Coach to fulfill the goals of the project. Once the project is complete, consultants have the opportunity to reflect and learn from their experience. Consultants also participate in SoarMCG-sponsored advanced training and networking with fellow consultants.

What SoarMCG looks for in prospective consultants

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  • Significant and recent executive/professional level experience
  • Work well in a team
  • Eager to learn new skills

Candidates cannot be employed full-time nor be seeking full-time employment and are required to participate in a minimum of two consulting projects.

Qualified candidates are interviewed and those selected participate in a comprehensive 40-hour training program over a 8-week period (5 hours a week) including workshops on consulting skills, nonprofit culture and finance, strategic, business, and marketing plans, team building, social media, and client communications. While training is free, there is a one-time materials charge.

Ongoing support and supplemental training are provided while consultants are on assignment. The trainings are both a learning and networking opportunity.

To apply to be a SoarMCG consultant, please complete the SoarMCG Consultant Application and submit it to us.

From our consultants

As our team prepares for our initial meeting with Framingham Court Mediation Services, I want to thank you again for the excellent training and preparation we received. In the limited amount of work we've done so far, we have gone back to our training notes as well as commented on some of the bits of wisdom and experience you shared with us that we are already applying. In addition to the training; the supportive atmosphere, beverages, snacks, and friendly atmosphere all contributed to a great learning experience and our whole team looks forward to putting all of this effort to good use. Thanks for providing your guidance and sharing your knowledge.

— Steve Swech

The training program and assignments have given me an opportunity to participate in the local nonprofit world on a level that is comparable to my life in the corporate world. I find the challenges of the assignments give me the intellectual and interpersonal stimulation that I need and create a sense of purpose in my day.

—Dan Suratt